Established in 2002, Dongguan Window of City Furniture Co., Ltd.(City.w for short) is a large-scale furniture enterprise focused on furniture research and development, manufacture and marketing. The predecessor of City.w is Wenzhou New Field Famous Furniture Expo Center Co., Ltd. founded in 1990 in Zhejiang Province. After rapid development for decades, City.w has become a well-known brand in furniture industry and owned two manufacturing base in Zhejiang province and Guangdong province. Furthermore, City.w enjoys great reputation and is honored as vice president of China National Furniture Association, Guangdong Famous Brand, Guangdong Famous Trademark, Model enterprise of Guangdong preponderant traditional industry transformation and upgrading etc..

City.w group is consisted of numerous professional manufacturing branches which separately focus on different furniture style including contemporary, post-modern, classical, neo-classic, French, Europeanism and upholstered furniture. City.w is endowed with powerful marketing competitiveness because of its strong and excelsior manufacturing ability and unique advantages on custom interior decoration. At present, there’s already more than one thousand City.w franchise stores in domestic market, sales turnover continues to increase and market development goes firm. City.w persevere in the marketing policy of ‘international furniture brand output’. Except hundreds of global customers, City.w goes further to develop more than twenty franchise stores in overseas market. City.w is the first enterprise in furniture industry to turn ‘made in China’ to ‘Brand from China’ and also is the pioneer to shift Chinese furniture from ‘selling product’ to ‘brand output’. City.w no doubt becomes the model of Chinese furniture’s globalization and opens window for Chinese furniture brand entering into world market.

In future, City.w will keep implementing its strategic development way of ‘Internationalization’ & ‘Branding’, improving domestic market share step by step and moving forward to expand global market space. City.w’s holy target of establishing international furniture enterprise and setting up world-class furniture brand will be definitely achieved.

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