Predecessor of Window of City—Wenzhou New Field Famous Furniture Expo Center CO., LTD, starts furniture franchise business.



Dongguan Window of City Furniture CO., LTD was set up in Houjie Town, Dongguan city , launching panel-furniture brand TEMPO, which brings us life experience from far north Europe with four colors options and four lifestyles. Customized solution from Tempo brand is to attract young generation who pursue individuality preference.



Establishing dumbbell-styled enterprise development model and utilizing advantage of R&D and marketing to process brand development road. Launching Panel furniture brand with the name of Life.G



Holding Dongguan Wanhaoyate Furniture Co.,Ltd, launching the upholstery brand of Gaudi, which devotes environmental friendly humanistic furniture design and manufacturing and is widely accepted by consumers.



Founding of DONGGUAN Leap Furniture CO., LTD., launching EGO, the high-end furniture brand, which devotes the lifestyle of “less is more”, complying with the balance and harmony of human, technology and life, keeping technological life in hand.



The birth of panel-furniture brand EASYLIVING, leading fashionable furnishing trend, at the same year, establishing Excellent Quality Manufacturing Company, specializing in the manufacture of MED LIFE, the modern classical panel furniture, now becoming the only mature furniture brand who represents Mediterranean lifestyle in China.



Signing contract with China European Design Committee (CEDC), hired Mr Dirk Van Gogh who is senior professor and descendant of Dutch impressionist painting master Van Gogh as chief design consultant. Importing EGGER board and becoming the first furniture manufacturer in southern China to use such environment-friendly boards, whose formaldehyde content is almost to zero.



Opening 4000 square meters large-scale City.w first furniture franchise store in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia.



aunching TIZIANO, neo-classic classical art furniture brand, with the co-operation of Zhejiang DingFeng Furniture Company。Tiziano brand absorbed noble, sexy and humanistic elements from master articles, integrating artistic elements and curved lines of female bodies perfectly.



Winning the title of Famous Brand Product of Guangdong, the brands development stepped into a new stage. Franchise stores in Jeddah and Dammam of Saudi Arabia were opened one after another, Franchise business in overseas market reached 30000 square meters, accomplishing strategic transformation of internationalization successfully, carrying out a thorough brand output to overseas market. Launching SOUL, modern minimal glossy furniture brand. Launching TEMPTATION, post-modern furniture brand.



Winning the title of industry transformation and update exemplary enterprise of Guangdong traditional dominant firm, obtaining the title of star enterprise of Zhejiang province, laying a solid foundation for City.w to keep famous industrial position in furniture field.



Setting up star hotel decoration engineering company, providing customized production for mass products purchase order Carrying out flexible customized furniture business for the whole house, providing one-stop integrated service.



In 2013, City.w launched new concept of full complete home furnishings. EGO unveiled special scenery model, which became unique style of EGO brand in the end market. New products of Le Baiser brand launched, served as a link between past and future, demonstrated romantic lights and essence of 19th century, leading furniture new life style.



The establishment of City.w high-end customized integrated home furnishings gallery,and it is a milestone and marks new business model with comprehensive integrative home furnishings service is formed and promoted, which City.w integrates knock-down furniture, fixed furniture, customized furniture, upholstery design etc closely.

City.w co-operated with Holland international brand Limitless and launched new brand Modart, at the same year, new full solid brand Scent home,new French Neoclassical Style brand Valensole.



Winning the title of “Guangdong Furnishing Industrial Original Design Benchmark”, “Chinese Home Furnishing top 100 industrial enterprises in 2014” and China Leading Brand of furniture Industry in 2014” Second City.w flagship franchise store in Riyadh will be open in 2015, which occupies the total area of 7600 square meters, the most largest one among global city.w single stores, creating a milestone in the history of City.w group overseas development. Marketing strategy of City.w group established a foundation for an enormous marketing network of both domestic and overseas market.

Now City.w changed dumbbell-styled management mode to 3+1 management method, which means design& research, marketing, production and management, this new strategy will improve management level, strengthen management on basis of original mod, is development and improvement of dumbbell-styled mode.

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