City.w brand origin

Brand name interpretation

The full name of City.w is Window of City.

Warm window: Everyone knows the significance of Home, everyone wishes to have a warm and sweet harbor where a open window with soft light is ever waiting. It is the first point that the perceptual name of City.w is endowed.

Industry window: ‘Leading fashionable life’ is the attitude City.w hold on from birth to ever. Being the fashionable post of furniture industry, City.w is the window of Chinese furniture trend innovation and design evolution.

Window to the world: City.w persevere in the marketing policy of ‘international furniture brand output’. Except hundreds of global customers, City.w goes further to develop more than twenty franchise stores in overseas market. City.w is the first enterprise in furniture industry to turn ‘made in China’ to ‘Brand from China’ and also is the pioneer to shift Chinese furniture from ‘selling product’ to ‘brand output’. City.w no doubt becomes the model of Chinese furniture’s globalization and opens window for Chinese furniture brand entering into world market.

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