Everlasting art classics – City.w high-end integration home furnishing pavilion
update: 2015/7/9 15:59:50

City.w high-end intergration home furnishing pavilion with 5000sqm in FFEP is opened all the year time, warmly welcome your kind visiting. Let’s enjoy together the luxury and noble home furnishings in this pavilion.

There’s total 5 floors, presents the tremendous advantages of City.w high-end integration home furnishing.

City.w luxury classical furniture brand displayed-Tiziano Vecellio, Champn.H & Raphael. It’s positioned on custom home furnishing project business from luxurious villa, club and hotel.

City.w post-modern furniture Temptation displayed. Elegance built in luxury, classical performed from fashion.

City.w modern intelligent furniture EGO displayed. EGO wins the wide acknowledgement of market by its special intelligent products advantage. The conception of minimalism and life-is-home is implemented incisively and vividly.

City.w Mediterranean style furniture ‘Med-life’ & Romantic neo-classical style furniture ‘Le baiser’ are displayed.

City.w modern artistic legendary furniture ‘Modart’ , French neo-classical miscible furniture ‘Valensole’ and upholstery decoration design center are displayed.

Window of city furniture, leading fashionable life.

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